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Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…

…are the lyrics to the title song of an Australian soap. Well, I assume most know that. I am not sure whether it is still running or not, I have never actually watched it. I tried when I first visited … Continue reading

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Dreams are my reality – thankfully not

It’s hot these days. Very hot. But I am lucky and am currently sleeping in my parents’ guest room which is in the cellar, it’s nice and cool down there. Continue reading

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I wash my hands of the issue…

..or the dirt as it was. But how without a sink, water, soap? As it is advised I went to check the tyre pressure of my fully loaded loveable green tank before driving those 930 km to Hamburg. After a lot … Continue reading

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I’m driving home for Christmas good.

Many a times I’ve been driving from England to Hamburg over the past 6 years. It’s always been a special trip and I enjoyed it a lot to spend this long time on the road by myself. It always gave me the opportunity to smoothly transition from my English life to my German life, get used to speaking German again or on the way back get back into my English mind set. Continue reading

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Endings are the new beginnings

Sitting on a ferry from Harwich to Hamburg, embarking on new adventures, reflecting on past and future… Continue reading

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