Endings are the new beginnings

Sitting on a ferry from Harwich to Hamburg, embarking on new adventures, reflecting on past and future…

Right, that’s it.

I have left England, UK and Great Britain. All at the same time.

Over and out. So long and thanks for all the fish!

OK, I have to admit, it hasn’t sunk in yet. Not at all. And it probably won’t for another few days, maybe even weeks. Who knows when it will hit me. I arrived not quite 6 years ago, 24th September 2004, and I had planned to stay a year. Stereotypically I got stuck and here we are now.

I have to admit I am not sure yet where I am going with this and neither do I know whether I want to know this exactly. There will be so many new things coming my way and I am looking forward to all those as they will – hopefully – ease the pain of all the endings I have experienced over the last few weeks.

So after a long time thinking about whether I would want to start blogging for my own sake or whether I’d just want to do that because everyone else is blogging, I have decided I don’t care anymore. I will face a lot of new things and many thoughts are chaotically going through my head at the moment, why not try processing them this way, because you tend to regret those things you haven’t done more than those you have tried.

So here it begins, successfully or not.

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