Fight Internal

When your head and heart are fighting
And you want your gut to win
When your feelings just keep biting
And they seem to hurt your skin

While you want to run away
Since there’s no way out
While composure  does decay
Since you’re filling up with doubt

And it all just doesn’t matter
Since your head is far too strong
And emotions will just scatter
Since all you are is simply wrong

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3 Responses to Fight Internal

  1. die_kurze says:

    so true. except for the last sentence. you want to think that you’re wrong. you maybe even have to think it. just to cope with the situation. but the time’ll come when you will see: you’re alright just the way you are.
    time will tell you that it’s not just words i’ve written down.

    • kleinereimer says:

      I find it difficult to explain pieces I’ve written, but in this case there are at least two meanings to “I am wrong” – I left it vague/open to interpretation on purpose, knowing which meaning I meant and that that one is fine for me. 😉

  2. doppelfish says:

    The mind paces along, brave trooper that it is,
    while the heart flutters around like a butterfly,
    here to sit on the colorful flower,
    there since it was taken by a breeze,
    But the two are best friends, and will never loose sight.

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