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Set back

I hadn’t seen it coming. No, I hadn’t seen that coming. Not now. Not like this. I am on the mend, doing better, baby step by baby step I have been clawing my way back into life, my way back … Continue reading

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I miss you…

So, today it would have been our second anniversary. Instead I am alone, in Hamburg now, where I wouldn’t have been without you, where I went because of you, because of us, our future together. You found someone else, replaced … Continue reading

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Die Lehre der Leere

Mein Zahlengespür spielt mir wieder einmal einen Streich, einen bösen Streich. Seit genau 700 Stunden empfinde ich nichts als Leere. Ich gehe stumpf durch den Tag, wie durch jeden Tag der letzten Wochen. Es hat sich ein Überlebens-Automatismus eingestellt. Ich … Continue reading

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Drifting away

As I am drifting along into the abyss of space my mind is racing. What am I doing here? How did I get here? Why the heck have I gotten myself into this against better knowledge? Ok, it wasn’t against … Continue reading

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I’m driving home for Christmas good.

Many a times I’ve been driving from England to Hamburg over the past 6 years. It’s always been a special trip and I enjoyed it a lot to spend this long time on the road by myself. It always gave me the opportunity to smoothly transition from my English life to my German life, get used to speaking German again or on the way back get back into my English mind set. Continue reading

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